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Ralfs Farben
Innovative Cinema, AT/DE 2019, Farbe, 74 min., dOF
Diagonale 2020

Director: Lukas Marxt
Camera: Michael Petri, Lukas Marxt
Editor: Michael Petri, Lukas Marxt
Sounddesign: Marcus Zilz
Producers: Lukas Marxt


The Diagonale’20 was cancelled due to official measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Physically located on Lanzarote, Ralf Lüddemann’s spirit wanders between future worlds and pharaonic realms. With aesthetics that are as complex and incalculable as Lüddemann himself, Lukas Marxt’s cinematic mood piece reveals the inner dynamics of a schizophrenic person. A sensual challenge with mind-expanding reverberations.

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