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The Reconstruction - The Danny Katz Murder Case/Ha-Schich’zoor
Documentary Film, IL 1994, Farbe, 60 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script: Avi Mograbi
Camera: Amnon Zlait, Yvonne Miklosh u.a.
Editor: Yossef Grinfeld, Boaz Leon
Producers: Naomi Ben Natan-Shechori, Katriel Shechori


In The Reconstruction, Mograbi deals with a topic that got a lot of media attention in the 1980s: The murder of teenager Danny Katz. Although the facts of the case appeared inconsistent, suspects were quickly rounded up and convicted. To this day, the story remains unresolved. Mograbi and his team decide to look into the case.

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