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Reihe 6
Short Documentary Film, AT/GE/DE 2022, Farbe, 25 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director: Lennart Hüper, Bidzina Gogiberidze
Camera: Lennart Hüper, Jonas Schmieta
Editor: Jana Libnik
Location Sound: Bidzina Gogiberidze
Sounddesign: Henning Grossmann, Henric Schleiner
Additional Credits: Produktionsassistenz: Neli Vashalomidze Farbkorrektur: Bernhard Schlick
Producers: Lennart Hüper, Jonas Schmieta, Bidzina Gogiberidze


In 2008, through Russian military interventions, South Ossetia was declared an “independent” territory. Robinson and part of his family still live in the Georgian settlement that was built for the refugees. The story of a parallelism: while Robinson gazes into the distance, uprooted, life for his grandchildren begins in the here and now.

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