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re-GEO / rendering reconstructions of desire
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/CH 2021, Farbe+SW, 33 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director, Script, Editor, Production Design, Costumes: Michaela Schwentner
Cast: Aurelia Burckhardt, Lisa Hinterreithner, Vivien Löschner
Camera: Martin Putz, Michaela Schwentner
Music: Julia Purgina
Sounddesign: Nik Hummer
Producers: Michaela Schwentner
Production: Michaela Schwentner


In her portrait of the Swiss artist Georgette Klein and the house she built, Michaela Schwentner deals with essential questions of feminist art practice. Revealed in and around the building are realities, wishes, and struggles of a life between work, love, desire, and doubt—images of a complex woman.

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