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Short Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 18 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Mariano Cabaco
Script: Suzie Léger, Mariano Cabaco
Cast: Suzie Léger, Mariano Cabaco, Noah Menclik, Robert Binder
Camera: Hans Selikovsky
Editor: Miguel Lomana
Location Sound: Petar Mrdjen
Music: Petar Mrdjen, Reinhard Mey
Sounddesign: Petar Mrdjen
Production Design: Mimi Violette, Ben Sasson
Costumes: Laurenz Heinz
Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Julian Pontoriero, Jorgelina Sofia, Suzie Léger, Mariano Cabaco 1st Assistant Director: Laura Possson 2nd Assistant Director: Vivienne Wallner Camera Operator: Simon Selikovsky 1st Assistant Camera: Florian Kellner Farbkorrektur: Frederico Velez Covid-19 Supervisor: Dr. Anna Stojanowa Produktionsassistenz: Simon Moser, Laura Kralik, Niki Kubaczek Gaffer: Heinz Knapp Electrician: Dorian Knapp Catering: Jimena Errecalde, Teresa Zotta Extras: Heidemarie Manzl, Rudolf Krenn, Hedwig Thurner, Ulrike Kreuzer Lily Fassl, Julia Klein, Dorothea Kercz
Producers: Suzie Léger, Mariano Cabaco
Production: Verein Atelier Orlando


Mariano Cabaco’s portrait of a young single mother revolves around questions of self-determination and responsibility. At the same time, it becomes clear that these questions are posed differently for those outside of society. First the encounter with an astronaut who has escaped society’s expectations offers possible answers—and seems to dissolve gravity for a moment.

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