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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Short Film, AT 2019, Farbe, 30 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2020

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Michael Seidl
Cast: Mathias Burgstaller, Maëlle Debelle, Philipp Feichtinger
Location Sound: Sophia Hochedlinger
Music: Los Invasores
Sounddesign: Philipp Feichtinger
Production Design: Sophia Hochedlinger
Costumes: Sophia Hochedlinger
Producers: Michael Seidl
Production: grauwerk


The Diagonale’20 was cancelled due to official measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In an attempt to escape from his debilitating depression, Martin steals a camper van and takes off, “heading west.” He meets the feisty hitchhiker Marie and takes her along. The two couldn’t be any more different, but precisely for that reason, they come to recognize a key companion in each other.

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