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Documentary Film, US 1957, Schwarzweiß, 26 min., eOF
Diagonale 2021

Director: Lionel Rogosin
Script: John Hersey
Camera: Gerald Gregoire, Lionel Rogosin
Editor: Alexander Hammid
Additional Credits: Produktionsaufsicht: Thorold Dickinson
Production: United Nations Film Board (US)
Co-production: Office of Public Information (US)


Three documentary-inspired works that illuminate life on the run and as a displaced person in a camp in very different ways: first, an unedited document by the US Army Signal Corps from April 1945, then a retrospective by the great avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas on his years as a displaced person in Germany and finally, a short film commissioned by the United Nations about the Hungarian crisis in 1956 and the refugee camp Traiskirchen.

Kurzfilmprogramm „Displaced Persons“
Displaced Persons (R: United States Army Signal Corps, US 1945)
Reminiszenzen aus Deutschland (R: Jonas Mekas, DE 1971/93)
Out (R: Lionel Rogosin, US 1957)

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