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Oktober November
Feature Film, AT 2013, Farbe, 114 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2014

Director, Script: Götz Spielmann
Cast: Nora von Waldstätten, Ursula Strauss, Peter Simonischek, Sebastian Koch, Johannes Zeiler u.a.
Camera: Martin Gschlacht
Editor: Karina Ressler
Location Sound: Heinz K. Ebner, Uve Haußig
Sounddesign: Bernhard Bamberger
Production Design: Katharina Wöppermann, Susanne Hopf
Costumes: Erika Navas
Producers: Antonin Svoboda, Martin Gschlacht, Bruno Wagner, Götz Spielmann
Production: coop99 filmproduktion
Co-production: SpielmannFilm


It’s about what was, is and perhaps could have been. As the health of her father deteriorates, a successful TV actress returns to the countryside. She meets her older sister in the former family-run inn who has never left the supposed idyllic country. Subtly filmed, long-harbored longings rise to the surface, self-images and life plans collide, and the father knows too well that there isn’t much time left for him to unlock the secret. www.oktober-november.at, www.filmladen.at

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