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Oh Yeah, She Performs!
Documentary Film, AT 2012, Farbe, 98 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2013

Director: Mirjam Unger
Script: Mirjam Unger, Veronika Weidinger
Cast: mit: Clara Luzia (Clara Humpel), Gustav (Eva Jantschitsch), Vera Kropf (Luise Pop), Teresa Rotschopf
Camera: Eva Testor
Editor: Karina Ressler
Location Sound: Peter Utvary, Axel Traun, Claus Pitsch
Sounddesign: Veronika Hlawatsch
Producers: Eva Testor, Nina Kusturica
Production: Mobilefilm Produktion


Nerves backstage, adrenaline onstage, the band’s day-to-day life offstage. Four young women, bound by a dream: to compose, produce and live off their own music, without compromises! Gustav, Clara Luzia, Teresa Rotschopf and Luise Pop on their journey through the ups and downs of living the self-made dream. An all-female band flick. (Production note)

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