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One More Step West Is the Sea: ruth weiss
Documentary Film, AT 2021, Farbe, 94 min., eOmdU
Diagonale 2021

Director, Script, Sounddesign: Thomas Antonic
Cast: ruth weiss, Hal Davis, Doug Lynner, Thomas Antonic, Estelle Cimino, Jack Hirschman, Dennis Kautsky Calabi, Rent Romus, Doug O’Connor, Tate Swindell, Karl Schoen, Butch Kwan, Laura Maione, Sojun Roshi, Mel Weitsman, Sutter Marin, Lori Lawyer, Paul Blake, Paul Wells, Canned Heat
Camera: Thomas Antonic, Daria Tchapanova
Editor: Thomas Antonic, Sarah Earheart
Location Sound: Thomas Antonic, Daria Tchapanova
Additional Credits: Schnittassistenz, Color Grading, Sound Mix, Mastering: Anthony Jacobson Schnitt-Support: Robert Dassanowsky, Tate Swindell, Peggy Pacini Zusätzliche Tonaufnahmen: Tate Swindell, Rent Romus, Karl Schoen Titel: Sarah Earheart
Producers: Thomas Antonic, Robert Dassanowsky, Anthony Jacobson
Production: Perdurabo Film
Co-production: Belvedere Film (AT/US)


ruth weiss (1928–2020), who as a gesture against any type of regulatory force refrained from capital letters in her name, has many admirers. In One More Step West Is the Sea: ruth weiss, Thomas Antonic erects a memorial to the jazz-poetry pioneer. He assembles an anarchic portrait and designs a collage that is as colorful as weiss’s hair. A personal meeting in the northern Californian woods with one of the leading women of the Beat Generation.

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