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MeTube: August sings Carmen 'Habanera'
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2013, Farbe, 4 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director: Daniel Moshel
Script: Daniel Moshel
Cast: August Schram, Elfie Wunsch, Albert Mair, Jakob Krisper u. a.
Camera: Martin Bauer
Editor: Christine Veith
Music: Philip Preuss, George Bizet
Sounddesign: Bernhard Drax
Additional Credits: Gesang: August Schram
Producers: Daniel Moshel, August Schram
Production: Moshelfilm


A meticulously choreographed journey into the subconscious. What ostensibly begins as a home video quickly reveals itself to be a well-oiled fetish machine: While the operatic aria “Habanera” resounds in August Schram’s grandiose technoremix, genders as well as realities collide. It is a music video as a tribute and a declaration of love to the web and its users in their frenzy of (self-)expression.

www.metube.at, www.sixpackfilm.com

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