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Naked Lunch - God
Music Video, AT 2004, Farbe, 5 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Thomas Woschitz
Camera: Martin Putz


The video for the single “God” displays what it is that characterizes the band: pressing on, not letting up. In the video, Oliver Welter and Herwig Zamernik crawl across white slopes in the Carnic Alps, battle their way through a snowstorm — one hand grabs the next. (Danilo Reimüller, Kleine Zeitung) We were stupid enough to climb up a mountain in winter. It was really, really cold and it was tough to do this, but we just climbed the mountain and, in the end, we were going to lean against a cross, and we “died” in this video. It made no sense, but it was good fun. (Oliver Welter, Naked Lunch)

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