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My Talk with Florence
Documentary Film, AT 2015, Farbe+SW, 129 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director, Script: Paul Poet
Cast: mit Florence Burnier-Bauer, Paul Poet
Camera: Johannes Holzhausen
Editor: Andi Winter
Location Sound: Johannes Holzhausen
Music: The Laughing Hyenas, Peter Brunner
Production: Paul Poet


A life full of abuse: in the family, on the road, and ultimately in Otto Muehl’s commune. Portrayed in two hours of uncut material that poses formal questions related to documentary film in the midst of an incomprehensible story: how is it possible to approach a scandal, how a human life? The protagonist’s and filmmaker’s mutually prepared staging becomes independent in an oscillation between protecting, inquiring, and allying. Voyeurism and search for truth.

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