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Moos auf den Steinen
Feature Film, AT 1968, Schwarzweiß, 80 min., dOF
Diagonale 2023

Director: Georg Lhotsky
Script: Georg Lhotsky, frei nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Gerhard Fritsch
Cast: Erika Pluhar, Heinz Trixner, Louis Ries, Johannes Schauer, Wilfried Zeller-Zellenberg, Fritz Muliar
Camera: Walter Kindler, Kurt Junek
Editor: Irene Tomschik, Lotte Klimitschek
Music: Friedrich Gulda
Production: West-Film


The idealistic writer Petrik and the enterprising jack of all trades Mehlmann come together for a weekend in a dilapidated castle in Marchfeld. Their different points of view lead the two men, who are bound in a friendly antagonism, to become entangled in fundamental discussions about the status quo in Austria and the forces effective within it, which manifest themselves in the castle’s residents, above all, Erika Pluhar in her cinema debut as the young Baroness Julia.

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