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MARIA LASSNIG: Es ist die Kunst, jaja ...
Short Documentary Film, AT 2015, Farbe, 45 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Sepp Dreissinger, Heike Schäfer
Script: Sepp Dreissinger, Heike Schäfer
Cast: Maria Lassnig, Sepp Dreissinger, Michaela Monschein, Wolfgang Moser, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Hans Werner Poschauko, Arnulf Rainer, Josef Reinhart, Lisa & Christoph Resch, Oswald Wiener
Camera: Sepp Dreissinger, Virginie Jolivet, Maria Rank, Christian Berger, Michaela Theurl, Heike Schäfer, Christian Haake, Andreas Maleta
Editor: Heike Schäfer
Location Sound: Mattea Cavic, Sepp Dreissinger, Maria Rank
Music: Hubert Sielecki
Additional Credits: Tonmischung: Florian Deutsch
Producers: Sepp Dreissinger
Production: Sepp Dreissinger


Sepp Dreissinger and Heike Schäfer accompanied the exceptional Austrian artist Maria Lassnig (1919–2014) on a regular basis with their camera for a period of nearly thirteen years. This led to a powerful portrait disclosing a complex personality. Lassnig’s oeuvre has already been inscribed in cultural memory — the film makes sure that the subject behind it is also not forgotten.

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