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Maria muss packen
Documentary Film, AT/PL 2012, Farbe, 72 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2013

Director, Script, Camera: Filip Antoni Malinowski
Cast: mit: Maria Malinowska, Tadeusz Malinowski
Editor: Filip Antoni Malinowski, Julia Pontiller, Stefan Hahn
Location Sound: Florian Kindlinger
Music: Thalija
Sounddesign: Florian Kindlinger
Producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski, Carlo Pisani
Production: Soleil Film GmbH
Co-production: Malina Film (PL)


After living for 66 years in their flat, a Polish couple in their 80s is forced to move out. While Maria is an extraordinary spirit full of indomitable optimism and vitality, Tadeusz is a silent scientist and a fatalist. Now they must struggle with the existential disaster that unveils the touching story of their life. It’s a film about justice and equality – the crisis of morality in past and present modern society – as well as about how to get old, staying young. (Production note)

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