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Feature Film, AT 2021, Farbe, 110 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Adrian Goiginger
Script: Adrian Goiginger, Felix Mitterer
Cast: Jakob Mader, Johannes Krisch, Harald Windisch, Gerti Drassl, Verena Altenberger
Camera: Klemens Hufnagl, Paul Sprinz
Editor: Birgit Foerster
Location Sound: André Zacher, Marvin Keil
Sounddesign: André Zacher, Marvin Keil
Production Design: Maria Gruber
Costumes: Monika Buttinger
Producers: Michael Cencig, Isabelle Welter, Rupert Henning, Philipp Schall
Production: Metafilm GmbH
Co-production: WHee Film (AT) it-media (DE)


As the son of a wealthy farmer, Elias is meant to take over the farm one day. He nurses a depression up in a mountain pasture, which makes him realize that he actually wants and has to live quite a different life. With a prominent cast, Adrian Goiginger tells the moving story of a man who radically refuses a society that focusses on property. A disturbing drama with powerful images about the burden of inheritance and the debilitating search for a meaningful life.

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