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Mababangong Bangungot (Der Parfümierte Albtraum)
Feature Film, DE/RP 1977, Farbe, 94 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2018

Director, Script, Editor: Kidlat Tahimik
Cast: Kidlat Tahimik, Mang Fey, Dolores Santamaria, Katrin Muller, Hartmut Lerch
Camera: Hartmut Lerch, Kidlat Tahimik
Music: Hanns Christian Müller


Mababangong Bangungot tells the story of the young man Kidlat, who lives with his mother in a village in the Philippines and dreams of going to America. One day it appears that his dreams have come true. An American takes him on a long journey, first to Europe, which leads him to Paris and even Bavaria. In Europe — confronted with a technocratic and cold industrial society – Kidlat begins to question his earlier dreams.

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