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Manchmal also denkt man, weil es sich bewährt hat. Wittgensteins Haus
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2016, Farbe+SW, 20 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Editor: Lotte Schreiber
Cast: Michael Krassnitzer, Emily Artmann, Francesco de Luca, Karl Grünling, Rainer Kasik, Elisabeth Langwieser, Michael Rieper, Kamen Stoyanov
Camera: Johannes Hammel
Location Sound: Andi Pils, Claus Benischke
Music: Sascha Neudeck
Additional Credits: Zusätzliche Kamera: Lotte Schreiber
Producers: Lotte Schreiber
Production: Lotte Schreiber


Wittgenstein’s villa. A visitor leads through the building and encounters characters who are involved in strange activities: scenes that can be interpreted as stagings of Wittgenstein’s aphorisms. The philosopher’s conceptual world thus meets the architectural reality of the house he helped design — and enters into a relationship that, in turn, opens up new conceptual spaces.

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