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Mädchen für die Mambo-Bar
Feature Film, DE 1959, Schwarzweiß, 88 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director: Wolfgang Glück
Script: Hellmut Andics, August Rieger
Cast: Kai Fischer, Gerlinde Locker, Jimmy Makulis, Rolf Kutschera, Edith Elmay, Wolf Albach-Retty, Rolf Olsen u.a.
Camera: Walter Tuch
Editor: Ursula Nokus
Production: Rex-Film


Dockside bars, hoodlums and fast women on the silver screen: in the late 1950s, this was the non-plus-ultra of infamy, shamelessness and resistance to the stagnancy of Austrian state culture. A juvenile delinquent film, spiced up with plenty of jazz and mambo, long drinks and “funny cigarettes,” dancing close and “endangered women.” It’s wild cinema with a strawberry-vanilla flavor and soap bubbles.

Introduction: Markus Keuschnigg

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