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The Madness of the Day
Short Film, AT/US 2010, Farbe, 33 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Daniel Hoesl
Cast: Sebastian Naskaris, Julia Crockett, Ron Cocuzza, Nick Cocuzza, Wilton Stewart, Danielle Olsen u.a.
Camera: Leif-Huron Lafferty-Gebauer
Editor: Natalie Schwager
Location Sound: Daniel Hoesl, Jason Shelton
Music: Proud Parents aka Wilton Stewart
Sounddesign: Gerhard Daurer
Costumes: Megan Larkin
Producers: Daniel Hoesl, Leif-Huron Lafferty-Gebauer
Production: European Film Conspiracy


What are the acceptable reasons to leave everything behind and just take off? Sebastian loses his job on a small fishing boat. His girlfriend waits for him at home, but their worlds have long drifted apart and no longer seem compatible. He feels similarly about New York. Sebastian submerges into the green, into the water. Without a script and with a lot of devotion to improvisation, The Madness of the Day remains with the uncertainty of its protagonist and takes us quietly into the lesser-known idyllic scene of upstate New York.

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