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Lonora - Eine Seifenoper
Short Film, DE 2015, Farbe, 22 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director: Sabine Koder
Script: Anna Christ, Sabine Koder
Cast: Isabelle Menke, Michael Kranz
Camera: Laura Kansy
Editor: Kilian Schmid
Location Sound: Chris Hödl, Daniel Bärschneider, Daniel Westermaier
Music: Hannes Hajdukiewicz
Sounddesign: Gerhard Auer
Production Design: Lili Anschütz, Martha Pinsker
Costumes: Lili Anschütz, Martha Pinsker
Additional Credits: Produktion: HFF München, WasKommt-Film (Huber und Kaut GBR) Produktionsleitung: Johanna Huber, Natalie Hölzel
Producers: Johanna Huber
Production: HFF München
Co-production: WasKommt-Film (Huber & Kaut)


Compulsively regimented everyday life: Excessive bodily hygiene, cleanliness, and order dominate the daily routine of Ms. Isabel, a woman shielded from the outside world. When the soap runs out on her one day, she is forced to leave her protected temple. Sensitively photographed, Lonora – Eine Seifenoper penetrates the emotional world of its protagonist: An insightful study of uncertainty and loneliness.

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