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Low Definition Control (Malfunctions #0)
Documentary Film, AT 2011, Farbe+SW, 95 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script, Camera, Editor, Sounddesign: Michael Palm
Cast: Susanne Asenbaum, Andrea Berzlanovich, Helmut Fuchs, Thomas Lemke, Hans G. Zeger u.a.
Music: Trevor Duncan, Maurice Ravel
Producers: Johannes Hammel
Production: hammelfilm


The public sphere viewed as a place of risk. Surveillance cameras and the idea of preventive security dictate behavior and (self-)perception – potential enemies are everywhere. Michael Palm studies how visual perception in criminology, medicine, and day-to-day life has become increasingly technological. Together with expert off-camera analyses, Palm assembles black-and-white Super 8 images. Low Definition Control is somewhere between science and fiction; the public sphere becomes a dystopian crime scene – with no space for the presumption of innocence.

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