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Kottan ermittelt: Der Geburtstag (Folge 2)
Feature Film, AT 1977, Farbe, 87 min., dOF
Diagonale 2019

Director: Peter Patzak
Script: Helmut Zenker
Cast: Peter Vogel, C.A. Tichy, Walter Davy, Bibiana Zellner, Erni Mangold, Hanno Pöschl
Camera: Michael Epp
Editor: Traude Kollmann
Location Sound: Rolf Schmidt-Gentner
Production: ORF, Satel


Two ORF productions from the 1970s draft a self-critical image of Austria and show Hanno Pöschl at the start of his career as a young television actor: as a newly trained assistant to the works manager, in , his heart is set on not only the profitableness of the local steel firm, but also beautiful Anni. In Der Geburtstag, the second episode of the police satire Kottan ermittelt, as a boozing railway worker, Pöschl becomes involved in a murder case.

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