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Kurz nach Schalling unterm Berg
Short Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 42 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director, Script: David Lapuch
Cast: Thomas Schubert, Elena Wolff, Harry Lampl, Thomas Frank, Michael Rast, Benjamin Hable, Leo Plankensteiner, Alexandra Schmidt
Camera: Vincent Seidl
Editor: Vincent Seidl. David Lapuch
Location Sound: Fabio Schurischuster, Manuel Fresser
Music: Paul Plut
Sounddesign: Fabio Schurischuster
Production Design: Rafael Baumgartner
Costumes: Alexandra Fauler
Additional Credits: Produktionsleitung: Markus Seereiter Regieassistenz: Andreas Fauler, Katharina Brunner Maske: Andrea Malessardi Szenenbild-Assistenz: Markus Boxler 1. Kameraassistenz: Martin Schneider 2. Kameraassistenz: Florian Jaritz Farbkorrektur: Rafael Starman VFX: Unter Freiem Himmel
Producers: Vincent Seidl, Markus Seereiter
Production: HENX


The cold sun from cheap neon lights never sets in Kurz nach Schalling unterm Berg. In the deepest night, it shines on a filthy, nearly abandoned gas station. A visitor is stranded here with her car. A humorous and at the same time strangely tender grand and brilliantly staged film about sense and sensibility, where one would hardly suspect it.

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