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KONRAD BAYER oder die welt bin ich und das ist meine sache
Short Documentary Film, DE 1969/70, Schwarzweiß, 52 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script, Editor: Ferry Radax
Cast: Michel Würthle, Armin Ackermann, Brita Hutter, Padhi Frieberger u.a.
Camera: Peter Kodera, Ferry Radax, Peter Margreiter
Producers: Günther Herbertz
Production: IFAGE-Film
Co-production: in Kooperation mit WDR


In Konrad Bayer or The World Am I And That's My Business, released in 1969, Radax reconstructs his friend’s final days before he took his own life in documentary style and with fictitious elements.

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