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Der Knochenmann
Feature Film, AT 2008, Farbe, 121 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2009

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Script: Josef Hader, Wolfgang Murnberger, Wolf Haas
Cast: Josef Hader, Josef Bierbichler, Birgit Minichmayr, Simon Schwarz Christoph Luser, Pia Hierzegger u.a.
Camera: Peter von Haller
Editor: Evi Romen
Location Sound: Heinz Ebner
Music: Sofa Surfers
Production Design: Andreas Donhauser, Renate Martin
Costumes: Martina List
Producers: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker
Production: Dor Film


Another case for Brenner. This time a man named Horvath has disappeared, and Brenner, the laconic private investigator, unwillingly embarks on a search for the missing man. The trail takes him out to the provinces, “Löschenkohl”, or to be more exact, a gigantic chicken restaurant where thousands of chickens are gnawed down to the bone every weekend. Brenner notices the dangers hidden within almost too late – because the young landlady turns his head – and in the end he is lucky he still has a head to be turned.

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