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Jedem Dorf sein Underground
Documentary Film, AT 2018, Farbe, 76 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2018

Director, Script, Editor: Jakob Kubizek
Cast: Rudi Schöller, Alexander Hertel, Mario Schuster, Johannes Eder, Maximilian Atteneder, Mike Glück, Gerald Lutz, Doris Wagner, Helge Waldherr, Christian Reitmann, Margit Brandl, Birgit Hertel, Andreas Kupfer, Eugen Slapak, Sophie Mayr, Katharina Landerl, Klaus Schnopfhagen, Andreas Liebl, Andreas Schönangerer, Michael Schönangerer, Leonhard Lebar, Michael Weiss, Stefan Plattner-Deisenberger, Jakob Kubizek
Camera: Camilo Zamora, Florian Kitzmüller, Robert Hack
Music: Play the tracks of, Kurort, Attwenger, Those who survived the Plague uvm.
Producers: Peter Sihorsch
Production: Jenseide


In the early 1990s, young people of diverse backgrounds in the small Upper Styrian provincial town of Steyr formed a group that put on underground concerts. Jedem Dorf sein Underground is a story about the incredible power that a few student bands can create when they are willing to take fate into their own hands. A reunion with Austria’s 1990s underground scene.

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