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Jeanne et Antoine de B.
Short Documentary Film, AT 2017, Farbe+SW, 39 min., frOmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script: Anne de Boismilon
Cast: Jeanne de Boismilon , Antoine de Boismilon
Camera: Klemens Koscher
Editor: Julien Viala
Location Sound: Tjandra Warsosumarto
Sounddesign: Jean-Marc Thurier – Twot studio
Costumes: none
Additional Credits: Produktionsleitung : Elisabeth Nunn Produktionsassistent : Nicolas Moysan Transcript und Übersetzung der Untertitel: Guillaume Prigent Farbliche Abstufung : Grégoire Scherpe Regieassistent : Thomas Hajnik
Producers: Anne de Boismilon, Maja Savic, Ludwig Wüst
Production: film-pla.net


Jeanne, thirty, and Antoine, twenty-five, are brother and sister. For several years, cancer spreads in Antoine’s body, repeatedly starting up anew. When Jeanne becomes a stem cell donor and gives her brother a part of herself, it is as though the two merge to become one person. After her brother’s death, Jeanne looks back: a tender buzz of memories— emotional and deeply touching.

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