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JEDERMANN UND ICH – Ein Porträt in 3 Kapiteln
Documentary Film, DE/AT 2023, Schwarzweiß, 74 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director: Katharina Pethke, Philipp Hochmair
Script: Katharina Pethke, Philipp Hochmair
Camera: Katharina Pethke, Eric Bossaller
Editor: Katharina Pethke, Philipp Hochmair, Julia Steinke
Location Sound: Philipp Hochmair, Timo Selengia
Music: Gerriet K. Sharma, Die Elektrohand Gottes
Sounddesign: Clemens Endreß
Producers: Katharina Pethke, Philipp Hochmair


How do you portray someone when you can never be quite sure of who they actually are? After the film JEDERMANN (2016) and JEDERMANN UND ICH (2021), JEDERMANN UND ICH – Ein Porträt in 3 Kapiteln is now the third attempt—this time initiated by the protagonist himself—to approach the actor Philipp Hochmair cinematically. Over the course of three chapters, focus increasingly moves away from Hochmair as the essay in black-and-white hones in on the form of the portrait, per se.

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