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It’s on a day like this...
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2021, Farbe, 16 min., eOmdU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Nigel Gavus, İlkin Beste Çırak
Script: Nigel Gavus, Ilkin Beste Cirak
Camera: Nigel Gavus
Editor: Nigel Gavus
Additional Credits: Konzept & Realisation: Nigel Gavus & Ilkin Beste Cirak
Producers: Nigel Gavus
Production: -


A woman lies on a bed surrounded by things. She starts up a dialogue with them, touches them, picks them up, sets them in motion, and then puts them away again. Developing on the soundtrack is a stream of thoughts that in its details, revolves around the big picture: a film that through precision and conciseness, counters the narrowness of a world enclosed in four walls.

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