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Die Ahnfrau
Feature Film, AT 1919, Schwarzweiß, 70 min., stumm
Diagonale 2019

Director: Louise Kolm-Fleck, Jakob Fleck
Script: Louise Kolm-Fleck, Jakob Kolm-Fleck
Cast: Karl Ehmann, Liane Haid, Max Neufeld, Josef Recht, Eduard Sekler, Eugen Neufeld
Production: Wiener Kunstfilm


Die Ahnfrau (1919) is a silent film by the filmpioneer Louise Kolm-Fleck together with Jakob Fleck, which the artist Amina Handke and actor and director Aslı Kışlal will comment. Passages from Grillparzer’s eponymous play are connected with the film via biographical fragments and the historical context, with observations on the role and work of women in film and in society. Prior to the screening, author Uli Jürgens will provide an introduction to female film pioneer Louise Kolm-Fleck.

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