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Im Freien
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2011, Farbe, 23 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2012

Director, Cast: Albert Sackl
Camera: Albert Sackl, Markus Krispel, Franz Zar, Kameratechnik: Martin Reinhart, Matthias Strohmaier, Leonhard Wolzt
Production Design: Nina Kreuzinger, Paul Arthur Linner, Gerhard Absenger, Eric Kläring
Producers: Albert Sackl


Nature as a space for projection and exploration. Nature as a workspace. For three months Albert Sackl’s camera recorded one image every three minutes. Coincidence and precision. As the film progresses, we see people and objects occupying the initially untouched, merely cinematically deconstructed landscape: a hand, a cube, an act. They too become a projection surface, a film screen and creative space.

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