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Home Video
Short Film, UK/AT 2011, Farbe, 15 min., eOF
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Robert Cambrinus
Cast: Katy Vans, Mariam Sanodze
Camera: Jun Keung Cheung
Editor: Nathan Cubitt
Location Sound: Dave Sohanpal
Music: Nicholas Singer
Sounddesign: Markus Moll
Producers: Robert Stokvis
Production: Concept Films


Film is selection. There is no such thing as one true depicted reality. On the fourth birthday of daughter Vicky, a home video is made for the absent grandmother. Birthday cake, a house, and a cat – these are images of an allegedly happy life. The outtakes allow glimpses into another reality, avoiding a definitive classification. By using simple cinematic means and repetitive dialogue, Robert Cambrinus dismantles the idyll of family life – and possibly that of cinema itself. @i:The filmmaker will be present.:i@

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