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Documentary Film, US 2016, Farbe, 95 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2017

Director: Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, Hillman Curtis
Script: Stefan Sagmeister
Cast: Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Sheenah Hankin, Pak Merta Ada, Jonathan Haidt
Camera: Ben Wolf
Editor: Sam Citron, Akiko Iwakawa-Grieve
Music: Colin Huebert
Producers: Ben Nabors
Production: Soso Productions


“This film is not going to make you happy.” But what, then? In an eighteen-month experiment, the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister turned to the question of whether it is possible to learn and practice happiness. With playful typography sequences, clever and aesthetically impressive design objects, and mainly, disarming openness, Sagmeister’s directing debut is a film about life’s major themes – art, love, death, and the eternal, not always cheerful search for happiness.

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