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Feature Film, DE/AT 1986, Farbe, 100 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Editor: Wolfram Paulus
Cast: Florian Pirchner, Gerta Rettenwender, Matthias Aichhorn, Albert Paulus
Camera: Wolfgang Simon
Location Sound: Michael Etz
Producers: Monika Maruschko, Peter Voiss
Production: Marwo Film
Co-production: Voiss Film


Wolfram Paulus’ Heidenlöcher tells the story of a deserter hiding in a cave in Ellmautal while the nearby hamlet is beset by conflicts between prisoners of war, Wehrmacht soldiers, and villagers. The film remains fragmented and impressionistic throughout, thus broaching the issue of memory itself. In Heldenplatz, 12. März 1988 it seems that one of these soldiers has resurfaced to greet Kurt Waldheim on the fiftieth anniversary of Austria’s “Anschluss,” a disturbing and haunting reminder that history is not behind, but rather, among us.

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