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Heart of Spain
Feature Film, US 1937, Schwarzweiß, 33 min., eOF
Diagonale 2012

Director: Herbert Kline, Géza Karpathi (d.i. Charles Korvin)
Script: Herbert Kline, Paul Strand, Leo Hurwitz
Cast: John O'Shaughnessy (Sprecher)
Camera: Géza Karpathi (d.i. Charles Korvin)
Editor: Paul Strand, Leo Hurwitz
Music: Alex North, Jay Leyda
Production: Frontier Films
Co-production: Canadian Comittee to Aid Spain, Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy


A film documenting the work done at the Blood Transfusion Institute, founded by Norman Bethune, during the Spanish Civil War. The film was shot in 1937 by Géza Karpathi, aka Charles Korvin, on the frontline in Spain. It was completed by a left-wing collective of filmmakers in New York.

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