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Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi | Yom Huledet Same'ach Mar Mograbi
Documentary Film, IL 1999, Farbe, 77 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script: Avi Mograbi
Cast: Avi Mograbi, Daoud Koutab, Shahar Segal, Ephraim Stan, Roni Pisker, Gidi Dar u.a.
Camera: Eytan Harris, Ron Katzenelson, Itzik Portal, Yoav Gurfinkel, Oded Kimhi, Yoav Dagan
Sounddesign: Sefi Carmel
Producers: Avi Mograbi, Serge Lalou u.a.
Production: Les Films d’Ici


In this Docu-Fiction, as Avi Mograbi calls his films, the filmmaker interweaves three narratives into one. From his living room he describes his dilemma: on one hand, he is to shoot a film commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel; on the other hand, he looks to depict the ruins left behind by the expulsion of Palestinians during the Nakhbah; thirdly, he is involved in a territorial dispute, in which he finds himself siding with his supposed opponent. The telephone becomes a symbol for bad news and assumes the role of persecutor. As Mograbi feels harassed and under intense scrutiny, it is not only external events that shed light on the reality in Israel and Palestine, but an internal perspective also comes to bear.

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