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Innovative Cinema Short, AT 1996, Farbe, 1 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2020

Director: Edgar Honetschläger


Practicing the unknown. A short film program in honor of the Austrian Director’s Guild thirty-year anniversary is screening debut works by wellknown Austrian directors. Evident in these works are both initial steps towards artistic self-expression and an incredible diversity of approaches to film as an art form. In ephemeral films beyond the industry’s exploitation logics, all liberties of the art form shimmer raw, unruly, and surprising.

This film would have been part of the program „Erste Schritte. 30 Jahre Verband Filmregie Österreich“ in the Diagonale’20 series In Reference.

Erste Schritte
30 Jahre Verband Filmregie Österreich

30 Jahre Regieverband Trailer: WEITERMACHEN (R: Sabine Marte, Oliver Stotz, AT 2020)
HCN MIAU I (R: Edgar Honetschläger, AT 1996)
Vorsicht Haderer! (R: Ulrich Seidl, AT 1992)
Wenn ma tot san, samma tot (R: Kitty Kino, AT 1975)
pan (R: Johann Lurf, AT 2005)
Der Mensch mit den modernen Nerven (R: Bady Minck, Stefan Stratil, AT 1988)
Trio (R: Marvin Kren, AT 2007)
Nachtschwalben (R: Barbara Albert, AT 1993)
ein Scheißtag (R: Die Ölfilmer, AT 2004)
Just a Dream (R: Dominik Hartl, AT 1997)
Ausgesetzt auf den Bergen des Herzens (R: Lisa Weber, AT 2009)
HCN MIAU II (R: Edgar Honetschläger, AT 1996)

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