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Ghost Copy
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2016, Farbe+SW, 2 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Christiana Perschon
Script: Konzept und Realisation: Christiana Perschon
Camera: Found Footage
Location Sound: Found Footage
Additional Credits: Found Footage, Amateurfilme (1935-1965), Sammlung des Österreichischen Filmmuseums, Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv/Filmarchiv der mediawien, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Smartphone Uploads (2015), Facebook Group Abu Ammar, Übersetzung Mahmut Osman
Producers: Christiana Perschon
Production: Christiana Perschon


Allegorical images flash up between black frames: Over this, a sound montage of scraps of conversation and noise. Following the compositional principle of Günter Brus’s “Vienna walk” documented on 8-mm film, Ghost Copy synthesizes amateur analogue film material with digital sound fragments. In this way, a space is created in which the zeitgeist (ghost of time) and images of humanity make ghostly appearances.

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