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Feature Film, DE/AT 2016, Farbe, 112 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script: Markus Mörth
Cast: Ada Condeescu, Abdulkadir Tuncer, Michael Kranz, Marc Filatov
Camera: Sorin Dorian Dragoi
Editor: Julia Drack
Location Sound: Marc Parisotto
Music: Carlos Cipa
Sounddesign: Berthold Kröker
Production Design: Graziella Tomasi
Costumes: Laura Fries, Carolin Schreck
Additional Credits: Nebendarsteller (Fortsetzung): Ivan Shvedoff, Kathrin von Steinburg, Julia Jelinek, Matthias Ohner, Anghel Damian, Adem Karaduman, Angelika Fink, Isolde Barth uva.
Producers: Maximilian Plettau, Markus Mörth; Supervising Producer: Dieter Horres, Dieter Pochlatko
Production: Nominal Film (DE), Markus Mörth Film- und Medienproduktion
Co-production: ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel (DE) und ARTE (DE)


Eighteen-year-old Bebe and her younger brother Mikhail are forced to leave Moldavia and embark upon an undefined journey — with nothing more than a bag of earth from home and a shared goal before their eyes. A refugee odyssey through Europe begins. A normal life still seems far away, but it is attainable — only, not for both. Production notes

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