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Gekommen bin ich der Arbeit wegen
Short Documentary Film, AT 1987, Farbe, 23 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2024

Director: Goran Rebić
Cast: Ratko Rebić
Camera: Goran Rebić, Walter Zeller
Location Sound: Michi Luger
Additional Credits: Idee: Goran Rebić, Walter Zeller
Production: Goran Rebić


In his debut film, Goran Rebić follows the journey that his father Ratko took across Lower Austria twenty years earlier in search of a job. Months of waiting, his wife and child back home, a small room with a tiny stove, black coffee for breakfast, being let go on the first day at work. A road movie about arriving in the foreign country Austria, where one is viewed as a foreigner.

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