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Gekommen bin ich der Arbeit wegen
Short Documentary Film, AT 1987, Farbe, 23 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director: Goran Rebić
Cast: Ratko Rebić
Camera: Goran Rebić, Walter Zeller
Location Sound: Michi Luger
Additional Credits: Idee: Goran Rebić, Walter Zeller


Goran Rebić’s first film, Gekommen bin ich der Arbeit wegen, is a tracing of the stations that his father Ratko passed through as guest worker in a foreign land, in Austria. Domovina, a musical tale of the old Serbian folksong, leads to Austria and to the Serbian-Romanian border, a dreamlike and melancholic melody of the diaspora. The documentary essay During the Many Years , which requires no socio-historical explanation and no narrator, reproduces a collection of impressions during a journey to Tbilissi (Tiflis) in May 1991.

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