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Grenzland (ORF-Premiere)
Feature Film, AT 2018, Farbe, 90 min.
Diagonale 2018

Director: Marvin Kren
Script: Konstanze Breitebner
Cast: Brigitte Kren, Christoph Krutzler, Wolfram Berger, Martin Weinek , Hassan Akkouch, Sophie Stockinger, Daniela Golpashin, Magdalena Kronschläger, Andreas Kiendl, Martin Zauner
Camera: Georg Geutebrück
Editor: Olivia Retzer
Location Sound: Dietmar Zuson
Music: Stefan Will Marco Dreckkötter
Production Design: Verena Wagner
Costumes: Leonie Zykan
Additional Credits: Buchbearbeitung Marvin Kren
Producers: Klaus Graf
Production: Graf Filmproduktion GmbH
Co-production: Redaktion ZDF: Daniel Blum Redaktion ORF: Redaktion ZDF Daniel Blum Redaktion ORF Klaus Lintschinger Klaus Lintschinger


Renate, an eighteen-year-old deaf mute, is found dead on a field on the Austrian-Hungarian border. The tenacious detective Elfriede Jandrasits is hereupon sent to the province of Burgenland to solve the case. A suspect is quickly found in the village: the Syrian refugee Achmet. Marvin Kren locates his racy provincial detective story at the precise spot where politics, village community, and the “will of the people” condense to an uncomfortable atmosphere of bias and hostility.

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