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Global Shopping Village
Documentary Film, AT/HR 2014, Farbe, 80 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director, Script: Ulli Gladik
Camera: Klemens Hufnagl, Enzo Brandner, Sandra Merseburger
Editor: Elke Groen, Karin Hammer
Location Sound: Grega Svabic, Marko Pelaic, Johannes Paul Heilig
Music: Christof Kurzmann, Alexandra Simeon, Luka Zima
Sounddesign: Frano Homen
Producers: Arash T. Riahi, Michael Seeber, Sabine Gruber, Siniša Juričić
Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH
Co-production: Nukleus film d.o.o. Medulićeva 6 10000 Zagreb Croatia Tel. / Fax. 00385 1 4846 556 info@nukleus-film.hr www.nukleus-film.hr


Ulli Gladik accompanies shopping center developers in the intricate networks of international capital and (corrupt) politics. At representative sites in Austria, Germany, and Croatia, experts and critics comment on the diverse effects of the expansive shopping frenzy: we visit a city that has lost its function, see the faded blossoms of financial boom and bubble, and watch as resistance gradually forms.

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