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Er flog voraus – Karl Schwanzer | Architektenpoem
Documentary Film, AT 2022, Farbe+SW, 73 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director, Script: Max Gruber
Cast: Nicholas Ofczarek
Camera: Reinhard Mayr, Josef Philipp, Stephan H. Wieder, Cristian Dimitrius
Editor: Philipp Mayer
Music: Moritz Heidegger, Pit Kaufmann
Sounddesign: Lenja Gathmann
Costumes: Alfred Mayerhofer
Additional Credits: Maske: Evgenia Popowa Animation: Benjamin Swiczinsky VFX: Gerd Zimmermann Executive Producers: Martin Schwanzer, Caroline Schwanzer
Producers: Max Gruber


Out, out, out into the world — to let it into your mind and then out again in Vienna. In his creative period from 1947 to 1975, the architect Karl Schwanzer built renowned buildings all over the world. Er flog voraus – Karl Schwanzer | Architektenpoem is not only a polyphonic approach to a person; through archive material, animation, documentation, and staging, it also opens the possibility to perceive city and space the way Schwanzer did: in constant interaction with people.

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