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Ein ganz normaler Tag - „Geschichten aus Österreich“
Feature Film, AT 1977, Farbe, 44 min., dOF
Diagonale 2019

Director: Heide Pils
Script: Herbert Pirker
Cast: Johanna Brix, Jaromir Borek, Rudolf Strobl, Arnfried Hanke, Ingold Platzer, Tom Krinzinger
Camera: Gerhard hierzer, Alex Komarek
Editor: Irene Tomschik
Production: ORF


Impulses to adapt the mass-media-designed image of women to the realities of women’s lives were present especially during the Kreisky era. The television show Prisma, for example, in particular, when directed by Trautl Brandstaller, was a feminist trendsetter, that led to heated debates about women’s role models. The journalist, author, and filmmaker Heide Pils made numerous television films dealing pointedly and often ironically with female reality; during this era, and also later.

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