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Feature Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 87 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director, Script: David Wagner
Cast: Gerhard Liebmann, Luka Dimić, Julia Koschitz, Anton Noori, Christopher Schärf, Karl Fischer, Lion Tatzber
Camera: Serafin Spitzer
Editor: Stephan Bechinger
Music: LYLIT
Production Design: Thiare Galleguillos, Raphael Caric
Costumes: Monika Buttinger
Producers: Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Gruber
Production: Golden Girls Film


Young men in military uniforms, alienated from the world through which Sergeant Major Eismayer commands them. Eismayer is the horror of all young boot camp recruits, the manifestation of a masculinity shaped by pain and humiliation. But the resistant, openly gay recruit Mario Falak—refreshingly playful and rebellious—unhinges pervasive power relations when he stands in front of Eismayer, salutes him and says, “I’d like to give you a kiss.”

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