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Eigensinn und Ansichtssachen
Short Documentary Film, AT 2015, Farbe, 33 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director: Miriam Raggam, Brigitta Freigassner
Script: Brigitta Freigassner, Miriam Raggam
Cast: Maria Cäsar, Alexandra Link u.a.
Camera: Sigrid Nagele, Brigitta Freigassner, Miriam Raggam, Cecilia Tasso
Editor: Uja Irgolic, Miriam Raggam, Brigitta Freigassner
Music: Pete Prison, Maren Rahmann, Agenda Lobkov
Producers: Miriam Raggam, Brigitta Freigassner
Production: keine


The search for the traces of women and their points of view in Austria’s Nazi history: contemporary witnesses and comrades speak about Jewish life, and continuities of anti-Semitism and antifascist resistance. The women protagonists, ignored by dominant historiography, become audible and visible: a cinematic stumbling block against forgetting.

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