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Echte Wiener 2 - Die Deppat'n und die Gspritzt'n
Feature Film, AT 2010, Farbe, 120 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Barbara Gräftner
Cast: Karl Merkatz, Ingrid Burkhard, Klaus Rott, Erika Deutinger, Liliana Nelska, Manuel Rubey u.a.
Camera: Clemens Lechner, Robert Winkler
Editor: Adolf Wallisch, Roland Dutzler
Location Sound: Dieter Draxler
Music: Heinrich Mader
Production Design: Veronika Merlin, Rainer Zottele
Costumes: Linda Redlin
Producers: Robert Winkler
Production: Bonusfilm Produktion


Mundl is back, and he is not amused. Due to an unexpected inheritance, he and his wife Toni are living in Baden in a villa with a garden. But the thought of her leaving him home alone to take a trip to Ireland does not sit well with him. His grandson Rene, however, has different worries. He catches his son and his son’s girlfriend smoking pot. After a furious fight, the two go to the villa, where once again different worlds collide – opera and HipHop concerts included.

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